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Michal Strzelec (PL)

Cornerstone OnDemand I Regional Sales Manager

Michal Strzelec – “mature in hr technologies”. Since 2004 and his first days of professional career has been working for HR services and technology vendors. Developed his skills in ADP, SAP and since 2013 is actively supporting Cornerstone on Demand in CEE Region. Married. Three kids, interested in sports (football) classic cars and young timers as well as technologies. Born and grown up in Warsaw. Curious, talkative, sometimes ironic.

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  • Skills as XXI century new-currency? I Előadás, Időpont: 09:49 - 10:09

    We are all searching for good or better – perfect candidates…Is this only whom we are looking for?

    Or do we look for skills and candidates? Do we want to have some part of our business covered? No, don’t get us wrong – candidate is central and critical. So do Skills are. Skills are XXI century currency. We want to explain importance of skills nowadays, perception of skills, skills management within companies as well as Skills Confidence Gap and how do we measure it. Think of candidate, think of skills.