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Mészáros Mariann

Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions | Vice President HR

I am Mariann Mészáros Vice President HR at Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions Hungary. I consider myself a positive, proactive and result driven leader with a highly successful background in finance, sales & marketing, general management and HR areas. I have several years of management experience and now as a VP HR and Managing Director I am responsible for making all decisions which has an impact on the whole company and on its round 5000 employees. My main tasks are defining the right people strategy for Deutsche IT Solutions HU, representing our company in HR International community of T-Systems and DTAG, and guaranteeing the right product life-cycle management in case of all HR services. Also I proactively act in all company related CSR and Educational programs with Universities. I believe in data driven, customer focused HR services, and I like to be part in any kind of innovation at my professional field. I truly enjoy being part of, as well as managing, motivating, developing a diverse and productive team, while challenging working environments.

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