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José Kadlec (CZ)

GoodCall | Chief Recruitment Architect & Founder

José is a former ethical hacker, digital forensic examiner and hardcore Linux engineer who went head over heels into the talent sourcing and recruitment industry utilizing his cross-field experience. He co-founded the international recruitment agency, GoodCall, currently having 140+ employees and specializing in social recruitment for 5-person start-ups as well as 10,000 person Fortune 500s.
The part of this holding is also ATS company and also the educational entity Recruitment Academy. GoodCall was recently rated as the 415th fastest growing company in Europe by Financial Times and Datacruit hit the Fast50 fastest growing tech companies by Deloitte.
He is a brand new speaker of SocialTalent, the training platform for hiring teams and also his claim to fame is as the author of a controversial book People as Merchandise: Crack the Code to LinkedIn Recruitment recommended by Barbara Corcoran from ABC’s Shark Tank, the rogue recruiter and best-selling author David E. Perry and HR directors of companies such as IBM, Google, Barclays, Hewlett-Packard, T-Mobile, Manpower and AVG.

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  • The Future of Sourcing, Időpont: 11:08 - 11:33

    Az előadás angol nyelvű!

    Európa egyik legismertebb sourcing trénere, aki nem utolsó sorban a SocialTalent sorucing content-jének új előadója is! José a legfrissebb, praktikus sourcing tippekkel és eszközökkel érkezik a recruiTECH-re.

    The job market might be changing temporarily and so the sourcing techniques and needs along with that. In this presentation José will show you the new strategic angles of sourcing your desired candidates - but don't worry, if you know anything about José you'll know that it will always be a practical, eye-opening talk with cool tips and hacks!
    - Inbound sourcing - from sourcing skills to e-commerce skills
    - Sourcing leadership and benchmarks - sourcing hub, sourcers stick with recruiters or do you need sourcers at all?
    - Strategic sourcing - tips and tricks for mapping talent in Budapest, Mumbai, or Madrid.
    If you think that talent sourcing is too "new", "niche",... we can use the term recruitment and recruiter.