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John Vlastelica (US)

Recruiting Toolbox, Inc. | Founder & Managing Director

John Vlastelica is the founder and managing director of Recruiting Toolbox, a consulting and training firm focused 100 percent on helping companies improve WHO they hire and HOW they hire. Startups to big global brands -- including PepsiCo, Google, Nike, Booking, IKEA, Starbucks, and Slack -- hire his team of former recruiting leaders to build custom training for their recruiters and hiring managers and consult on talent strategies. He is a former recruiting director with Amazon and Expedia, instructor for Recruiting Leadership Labs, and a popular, #1 rated speaker at major talent conferences like LinkedIn Talent Connect, SourceCon, and Recfest UK. John is also one of the most popular speakers of SocialTalent, the training platform for hiring teams.
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  • How to become a Talent Advisor and Strategic Partner to Hiring Managers, Időpont: 08:44 - 09:02

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    Many Hiring Managers can be challenging to work with.  Unrealistic expectations, not engaged enough with candidates, and leveraging processes that are not effective.  Too often, they see our roles as order takers, not talent advisor recruiters or strategic partners.  How can we establish our expertise and credibly influence them to help them get what they want most from the recruiting process: Speed and Quality?  Join John as he shares real-world, practical, how-to best practices for helping Hiring Managers get the talent they need while elevating our role to Strategic Partner.