recruiTECH - "Try to solve people's problems, not just fill the position" - Interview with Karoly Paczári (CodersRank)
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"Try to solve people's problems, not just fill the position" - Interview with Karoly Paczári (CodersRank)


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What do you see as the biggest challenge for 2023?

I think there are two huge challenges for this year: attracting and retaining the top talents. For attracting top talents in IT, recruiters need to understand the developers' digital footprint way deeper and focus on connecting with the highly relevant matches in a personalized way. Companies may need to consider remote work options, flexible work schedules, and training programs for both attracting and retaining top talent.

What do you think recruitment organizations on the corporate side need to improve in?

They need to prioritize building a strong employer brand and improving the candidate experience. A good interview experience is important. Most of the candidates don't get an offer. But how they remember the company matters because that's what they'll mention to their friends too. If the interview experience is good, they can be a good source for additional applicants.

What should a recruiter focus on in 2023?

With current layoffs for example in tech industries, there are many talents on the market who were impossible to be reached previously. You should focus on finding these talents and building long-term connections with them. If you can help people who faced recent layoffs by leveraging your network, they'll be more than grateful and recommend you to their friends, and even to companies where you couldn't get in other ways. Use sources like or CodersRank for finding these talents.

If you could give one piece of advice to the industry, what would it be?

Focus on quality over quantity! Don't use a shotgun for reaching out to as many candidates as possible. Their firewalls are much stronger than in recent years. You must do a value-creating, personalized approach even for outreaching the relevant candidates. This way you can stand out of the crowd, build real connections and get replies. This laser-focused approach also helps you to get into networks, where others with a general approach can't.

What would be the one lesson you would share from 2022 based on your professional activity?

At the beginning of 2022, everyone was hiring like crazy. One year later, there are massive layoffs. Every bubble bursts sooner or later. Think in the long term and prepare for similar changes!

What advice would you give to people starting out in their careers?

Recruiters don't have a good reputation in certain fields (e.g. IT) because there are too many low-quality reachouts from recruiters. Try to solve people's problems, not just fill the position. Through that, you can build long-lasting relations. People are your real assets.

What is the biggest thing you have achieved so far? What would you like to achieve next?

By CodersRank we've built up a platform that already includes more than 60,000 registered developers. Our vision is to fuel technological innovations through faster and more efficient connection-making between the parties. We achieve it by connecting developers and companies based on proven technological experience. We want to make more relevant connections & hires, even skipping interview rounds thanks to the trust built between the parties.

Thank you for the anwers Paczári Károly, the Startup CEO & Founder of CodersRank!